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Check out this tub/shower in Jerusalem’s 4 star Grand Court hotel.  It only covers half of the opening.  Huh? I found it virtually impossible to avoid a flooded floor after taking a shower.  No matter how hard I tried to … Continue reading

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Bear Lake

Bear Lake - RMNP

Bear Lake – RMNP

It was late September, too early for fall where I’m from in Nebraska, but the aspen trees in Rocky Mountain National Park were well on their way to turning various shades of orange, yellow and lime-green.  I wasn’t expecting to see any fall colors this early in the year.

We were fortunate to have a very calm day, not a whisper of wind to ripple the surface. The lake was like a mirror.  What a site!

It was a gorgeous day for a walk around this beautiful setting.

Thought for the Day:  It gets late early out there.   Yogi Berra

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Lunar Eclipse

Lunar eclipse

Lunar eclipse

Sunday night, a week ago, I was out shooting the moon — no, not going for it all in a pitch game, but photographing the lunar eclipse.  It was a lunar eclipse of a super moon or blood moon, which has only happened four times in the last 100 years.  I thought I should try to record this one, just in case I’m not around for the next one.

The first shot at 7:19 PM was taken in a different location than the others.  It was still light out and I wanted something in the foreground.  So, the shot was taken at a different focal length than the others, and must have lost something when I tried to re-size it to match the other shots — it looks a little lopsided.

The moon was definitely red when it first appeared on the horizon, but it lost its color as it rose in the sky.  Then, as the eclipse started, it became more and more red.  Notice the full eclipse.  Then, as it came out of the eclipse, it returned to its “normal” color.  If I had a longer lens, the color and detail would probably show up better.   Christmas is just around the corner.

Thought for the Day:  Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon and the truth.   Buddha

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Bull Elk



I found this beautiful bull elk tending his harem near Estes Park.  It was early morning, about an hour after sunrise.  The temperature was low 40’s, cold enough to see his breath when he bugled.

His harem of approximately two dozen were grazing in the tall grass, aware of my presence but not bothered by it.  I was surprised by the herd’s movement; they never stood in one place for more than a nibble or two, always moving on to the greener grass.  Their constant movement made the herd collapse and expand in all directions, sort of like the slow-motion movement of a lava lamp.  Consequently, the bull would always be moving to keep his entire herd in sight.

My brother knew the area well, so he drove while I took pictures.  This picture was taken about 50 yards from his driveway … a very fuel-efficient shoot.

Thought for the Day:  Art is born of the observation and investigation of nature.                                                                                                                         Cicero  106BC – 43 BC

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Sweet 16

Sweet 16

Homecoming - 2015

Homecoming – 2015

It’s homecoming weekend and I had the privilege of photographing my 16 year-old granddaughter before she left.   A junior, this is her first big formal party she’s attended.

I can’t believe my oldest grandchild is all grown up, doing so many things on her own already, like driving, working, volunteering at the hospital, making career plans and going to parties.  Yikes!

I bet the boys will be standing in line to dance with her.  If I was her dad, I’d consider buying a big ugly junkyard dog to greet any potential suitor.

Thought for the Day:  Don’t let yourself forget what it’s like to be sixteen.   Anonymous

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There’s always one odd ball that marches to a different drummer.  Thank goodness for free thinkers.

Thought for the Day:  Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it’s time to pause and reflect.  Mark Twain

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Think Big

Wishin' an' Hopin'

Wishin’ an’ Hopin’

This six-year old is admiring the results of his summer work-out program.

Thought for the Day:  The aim of life is self-development.  To realize one’s nature perfectly  — that is what each of us is here for.   Oscar Wilde

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Return to Sender

Country Mailbox

Country Mailbox

A once-modern mailbox with its red plastic flag sits on a lonely country road in rural eastern Nebraska.  Barely standing, the neglected box appears to be bowing out, facing the tough reality that its usefulness has long passed.

If this mailbox could talk:  I faithfully stood my watch for almost half a century, through all kinds of weather, never complained and never missed a mail call.  I had lots of friends during this time; all of them wore blue and gray uniforms and carried big bulky leather bags.  My friends were always cheerful, of course, I was always there for them, and seeing me as a regular part of their daily routine gave them comfort.  My friends supported me with a well-balanced diet;  I liked letters best, but my friend made me take the newspaper too, and once in a while he’d give me “junk” that was just plain awful.  But holidays, like Christmas, Valentines and Mother’s Day always brought yummy treats.

My owners, on the other had, just took me for granted, always thanking my uniformed friend for the joy he brought them, but never giving me a second thought for keeping their mail safe and dry.  At least once a month my owners would get mad at me, jam bills down my throat and rudely slam the door on me.   My owners never bother to check on my welfare, even when they bump into me with their car; as long as my mouth works, they could care less about the rest of me.

Now that my friends don’t come around any more, my owners don’t use me either.

Thought for the Day:  Today is the oldest you’ve ever been, and the youngest you’ll ever be again.    Eleanor Roosevelt


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