Longboat Key Library

Lawn Chairs

Longboat Key, Florida is a long narrow spit of sand (Duh! It’s a key) off the west coast of Florida, near Sarasota.  For its size, it’s not very populated and has limited things to offer visitors, like restaurants, nightlife and attractions.  I would call it “quiet, laid back and relaxing”; others might call it boring.

While wandering through the neighborhoods, I found this scene: six colorful lawn chairs evenly spaced in the middle of a large front lawn.  It caught my attention.  It was the Longboat Library.

I found the inside of the library every bit inviting as their lawn chairs.

Thought for the DayAppearances are often deceiving.                                   Aesop

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Steventon, England

Jane Austen’s church

The Church of St. Nicholas, where Jane Austen’s father preached and she worshiped as a child, is located in a rural setting near the small town of Steventon in Hampshire County, England.  Jane Austen was born in 1775.

The original structure of this church was built centuries before Austen’s birth.  I marveled at the still-sturdy structure and the thickness of its walls.  Slivers of sunlight found their way inside to provide minimal lighting.

Services still held twice a month at 11:15 AM.

Thought for the DayThere is nothing new in the world except the history you do not know.                                           Harry Truman

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St. Petersburg Astoria Hotel

Astoria Hotel – Post Processing

This is an example of post processing a digital image, showing the original photo on top and the edited version below.

  1. Added canvas on the top.  2. Replaced the sky.  3. Removed the car in the left foreground.  4.  Replaced the street markings behind the removed car.  5.  Removed the bus on the right.  6. Created new cars parked on right sidewalk that were hidden by the bus.  7.  Created matching red awnings on right side of hotel.  8.  Repaired and extended right side far end of hotel.

My post processing skills are limited so imagine what is possible by experts.

Thought for the DaySeeing is believing.

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Nebraska Tourism


My first field trip of 2019 was to the Henry Doorly Zoo, the most popular tourist attraction in Nebraska.  School was out so we took our granddaughter and braved the winter weather.

The highlight of this trip was seeing the African animals in parkas, mittens and snow boots.  No.  Wait, that was the elephants and giraffes seeing us.   Both have new winter quarters and the giant buildings that house them are very interesting, although odds of getting a memorable picture are greatly reduced.

The best photo of the day was the two hoppers on a branch.  Take what you can get.

Thought for the Day:  Nebraska – honestly, it’s not for everyone.                                                                                                               Nebraska Tourism Commission’s new slogan

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Favorite Gift

Hover Ball

Every Christmas there is one toy that excites everyone.  The Hover Ball takes the prize this year, provided by my daughter-in-law to the four youngest grandkids.

A clear plastic sphere about the size of a tennis ball, filled with lights and a teeny-tiny weightless battery, and two sets of helicopter-type wings takes off from your hand.  The hover ball senses objects around it and moves accordingly to avoid collision.

Once the hover ball skipped over everyone’s hands and avoided the ceiling, gift opening was OVER!  What a hit that was!   Then, one of the kids took it outside … oops, no ceiling.

Thought for the Day:  Don’t cry because its over, smile because it happened.                                                                                           Dr. Seuss

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