Preschool Graduation

Preschool Commencement

Yup, believe it or not, 4-5 year olds are graduating from preschool.  Preschools are having commencement exercises, complete with mortar boards, medals and diplomas.  Seriously?

Hey, Mom.  Look at these cool telescopes we got!

Thought for the Day:  I wonder who was voted “Most Likely to Succeed”?

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H.S. Graduation

Jacob, 2018

Yesterday, my #1 Grandson, #2 Grandchild graduated from high school.  Whoa, hang on, is that possible!?  He was just born a couple years ago.

He graduated from a small Lutheran High School, only 83 in his graduating class.  But through the four years he attended, I could see  he was getting a very broad,  but intense education.  His four years on the baseball team helped diversify the classroom education.

He felt many of the things he learned in the classroom were “worthless”, but I believe he has a solid foundation on which to build a great future.  He has matured over the last four years, and has learned many valuable life-lessons that will serve him well in any pursuit.

Thought for the Day:  If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.   Milton Berle

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Spring Pruning

Spring Pruning

Spring finally arrived and I’ve been pruning out the dead wood in our shrubs and hedge.  Uggh, I enjoy privacy provided by the hedge, but dread the constant maintenance.

My neighbor, on the other hand, is seeking a more permanent solution.  This 35 year old Green Ash shook the ground when it landed.

Timmm Brrrr!

Thought for the Day: Success isn’t permanent and failure isn’t fatal.           Mike Ditka

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What Was I Thinking?!

What Was I Thinking?

Baseball season is in full swing.  High school season is over except for the state tournament.

A line drive into short center field caused a collision at home plate.  With a runner on second base and the score tied late in the game, the third base coach sent the runner home.  He was out by a mile and his expression tells it all.


Thought for the Day:  Life is too precious, time is too short, and stakes are too high to dwell on what might have been.                                                                     Hilary Clinton


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Reddish Heron

Reddish Heron

At the end of a quarter-mile board walk through a mangrove swamp, I found myself on a platform in shallow water with a 180 degree view of the Gulf of Mexico.  Sounds of Sarasota did not penetrate this site.  Dawn was breaking, and birds were noisily swarming in the sky.  Gradually, the wading birds began to show in the weak light.

A birder I had just met in the parking lot pointed out a rare Reddish Heron, but it was still too dark for me to see any color; I could distinguish shapes, but nothing else.  After a few minutes the reddish head became visible through the telephoto lens.  Quite a sight!

Texture was applied to the soft image for a painterly effect.

Thought for the Day:  The early bird gets the worm.                        American Proverb

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Hay Market

Hay Market

Many forms of transportation are used in Tanzania, everything from donkey carts to large trucks.  Walking is probably the most common, followed by cheaply made Chinese motorcycles.

Bicycles are very popular too.  On a major highway leading out of Moshi, a large city of 185,000, I noticed many men moving hay with their bicycles.  Whatever works.

Thought for the DayIf you can dream it, you can do it.                     Walt Disney

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Blue Heron

Hungry Blue Heron

I found this blue heron wading in the shallows of a manicured lake on the grounds of the Ringling Museum in Sarasota, FL.     The bird was oblivious to me and others on the well-traveled foot bridge.  This photo opportunity was better than any zoo shot.

Just another lucky shot.

Thought for the DaySeize opportunity by the beard, for it is bald behind.                                                                                                                                Bulgarian Proverb

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