March Madness

6th Grade Girls

People say that February is the worst month of the year and that’s why it only has 28 days; i.e. we couldn’t stand it if the month was any longer.  Well, March is a close second; snow is melting, leaving nothing but dead, brown, ugly, muddy fields.  No color in the world, everything in black and white, as if God hadn’t discovered Kodachrome.  Sure, spring comes in March, but it’s just a few teasing days of warm weather surrounded by wet snow storms, raw winds and drab sunless days.  One day we’re wearing shorts, playing baseball, cleaning up the grill, and fantasizing about flower and vegetable gardens, and the next day we’re wearing winter coats.  If it wasn’t for March Madness, the NCAA basketball tournament, I’m sure there would be a waiting line at the nearest tall building or bridge railing.   Jeepers, where is global warming when you need it!?

Oh, about the picture.  It’s really tough to get a good action photo in a dimly lit gymnasium.  Disregarding the distracting elements in the background, the composition isn’t too bad, but the soft focus comes from a shutter speed that is waaay too slow.  I’ve got a fairly fast lens (f2.8), but my camera’s ISO is fairly limited so I can’t get a fast enough shutter speed to freeze the motion.   I get too much “noise” at the higher ISO’s so I usually shoot at 400 or less, but sometimes in gyms I’ll shoot at ISO of 800.  Oh well, I figure its good practice and the games can be really exciting, even at this age and skill level.  The kids really give it all they’ve got, which is fun to watch. 

Thought for the dayEvery day isn’t a sunny day, some days you’re the pigeon and some days you’re the statue.


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