Crail, Scotland

Scottish Coast near St. Andrews

Scottish Coast near St. Andrews

Crail is a small fishing village on the east coast of Scotland, just down the road a few miles from St. Andrews.

I was drawn to the area by stories of a picturesque stone harbor that shelters the fishing boats from the roaring winds off the North Sea, but found this scene first.  Maybe it was the clouds breaking up and my first sight of Scottish sunshine that made this scene so appealing.  My first four days in Scotland were cold, wet, gloomy, and very windy so this was quite a hallelujah moment for me.  The small cottage, contained within stone fences, with its large garden area sloping down to the rocky shoreline was a “purdy site, shore ‘nuf”.

I love the clouds in this shot.  Looking at this picture now is much more relaxing than trying to stand steady in the gale-force winds to take the shot.

Thought for the Day:  Today’s rain is tomorrow’s whiskey.  Scottish Proverb


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