Mrs. Bullwinkle

Quiet Time

Quiet Time

A Kodak moment always comes when you least expect it.  Recently, I was strolling the streets of Teton Pines near Jackson, Wyoming when a Kodak moment hit me upside my head.  It had finally stopped raining, and I needed some fresh air, so I grabbed my security blanket (camera) and began exploring the neighborhood.

About the time I begin to feel the dead weight of my camera and wonder why I brought it along, I usually find something to shoot.  Most of the time it is more out of boredom than any real artistic inspiration, just something to justify my lugging the camera around, when I could be enjoying the walk.

Today was different.  The camera hadn’t left my shoulder and was beginning to feel heavy when I noticed a big black mass out of the corner of my eye, something different from the lush foliage of the area.  It was this Big Mama Moose and her calf,  just lolling around in someone’s back yard.  Suddenly, my camera was weightless.  By placing the house between me and the moose (meese, mooses?), I was able to get within 25′ before peeking around the corner.  Boy are those things big!  The calf looked the size of a good sized steer, and I prayed its mom wouldn’t get up to check me out.  Definitely the highlight of my day.

Thought for the Day:  Even a blind hog finds an acorn once in a while.    Anonymous


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  1. Steve Leone says:

    beautiful photograph!


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