Ladies’ Night

Ladies' Night

Ladies’ Night

If that don’t beat all, ladies playing pool in the small-town bar.  No, not just playing, but shooting pool and competing.  Whenever I’m in central Nebraska around meal time, I stop to eat at Ole’s Big Game Steakhouse in Paxton.  Ole’s is an oasis along I-80 in the middle of the state where fertile cropland dominates the landscape.  The decor is big-time game trophies (polar bear, giraffe, elephant, etc.), but punctuated with a friendly laid back atmosphere and great food.  (Geez, you’d think I was Ole’s nephew or something.)

I happened to be there on pool night, Monday I believe it was.  The two town teams, Ole’s and Swede’s (I’m not making this up), were squaring off so I stayed a while and watched a couple matches.  The teams were mixed, men and women, and the matches were based on skill levels without regard to gender.

The team members and bar regulars were all friendly and kind enough to let me take pictures. The competition was serious, but friendly; I’d say even gracious when this big burly guy got beat by a woman from the other team.  But, then again, I left before the 4th round of beer arrived.

Thought for the Day:  He was a wise man who invented beer.    Plato  424-348 BC


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