Inspirational Rocks

Rock #1

Rock #1


I was cleaning out old files when I came across my rock collection, pictures of rocks.  In the collection was a series of boulders spread out along a path in Rocky Mountain National Park, each engraved with an inspirational verse.

Rock #2

Rock #2



I highlighted one of these in an earlier post  (click here), but had forgotten how many there were.  They were spaced quite a ways apart to give you time to digest each verse.


Rock #3

Rock #3




The path was well-traveled, leading to a ranger station where you got your backpacking permit.

Rock #5 was the one that most surprised me.



Rock #5

Rock #5


Who says Park Rangers don’t have a sense of humor?


Thought for the Day:  Listen to the voice of nature for it holds treasures for you.   Huron saying.   (Rock #4)


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