Sabbath Best

Nazareth Street Scene

Nazareth Street Scene

Shop keepers in Israel’s big cities typically display their wares on the sidewalk, especially along the known tourist routes.  On a dreary overcast day in Nazareth (predominantly Muslim), this bright splash of color caught my eye.

I shot this while hiking down the hill from the Basillica of Annunciation, site of the Virgin Mary’s original home, trying not to miss my tour bus.  I thought it was a rack of silk scarves that are sold almost everywhere.  Not that it mattered, I was struck by the array of vivid color.

Upon closer inspection, I realized it was a rack of abayas, the full length, loose-fitting, robe-like over-garment that the local women wear.  The traditional color, however, is black, and I never saw any women dressed this colorfully … except for a very few around the mosques.  So, I assume it is the equivalent of America’s “Sunday Best”.

Thought for the Day:  There is a Sunday conscience as well as a Sunday coat, and those who make religion a secondary concern put the coat and conscience carefully by to put on only once a week.   Charles Dickens



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3 Responses to Sabbath Best

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  2. Cheryl says:

    Just love seeing some of the things that “caught your eye,” Larry!


  3. Sherrie Wade says:

    I have heard the women dress extravagantly at home and wear colorful, feminine attire underneath the black garments. Guess we’ll never know for sure!



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