Forgotten Horse Feeder

Forgotten Horse Feeder

Whenever I’m in a doctor’s office, hospital or other medical facility I kill time by looking at the large framed pictures in the hallways and waiting rooms.  Before long, I find myself fantasizing about seeing one of my own photos with my name on fancy tag below.

Scottsbluff Nat'l Monument

Scottsbluff Nat’l Monument

Melting Pot

Melting Pot

Pine Ridge Spring

Pine Ridge Spring

Saunders Health Services Foundation sponsored a photo contest this past summer,  open to all amateur and professional photographers, hoping to find  suitable  photos to frame and hang on the bare walls of their new medical facility near Wahoo, NE.   A maximum of five entries per person were allowed, with no restrictions on the subject matter.  Up to fifty photos would be chosen.

Last weekend, the Foundation held a reception at the new facility to display the selected photos and announce the winners.  Over 200 entries were submitted.  All but six of the 50 selected photos were on display during the reception;  the First, Second, Third and 3 Honorable Mentions were on easels covered with white sheets.  Commemorative plaques and a check were awarded as the winners’ photos were unveiled.  Four of the five photos I entered were selected and my “Forgotten Horse Feeder” was an Honorable Mention.

What a thrill for me!  I just hope I don’t have to be a patient to see my work on the wall.

Thought for the Day:  All you need in life is ignorance and confidence: then success is sure.                                                                                                                Mark Twain


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6 Responses to Hospitals

  1. Chuck says:

    Congratulations Larry!! That’s outstanding and well deserved. You have a gifted eye through the lens, and I love how your pictures tell a story…or lead you to a story. Either way, I enjoy your work and your words. Hope you and Verna have a great Thanksgiving! Chuck


  2. Harriet Golter says:

    CONGRATULATIONS!! Wow, what a feat.  That is great.  H and G


  3. Darlene Clark says:

    It is so rewarding seeing your hard work paid off!!


  4. Stichler, Ann says:

    Outstanding!!!! Congrats ☺ Very exciting, indeed.

    (I LOVE the forgotten horse feeder picture—I remember seeing it on your blog quite some time ago)

    Ann Stichler | Black Hills Energy Regulatory Affairs | 1102 East 1st Street, Papillion, NE 68046 | Ph 402-221-2148 | Fax 402-829-2148 |


  5. Kenda says:

    Nice job! Now you’ll have to take a trip out to Wahoo to see them.


  6. strawberrylady2013 says:

    Congratulations! Well deserved indeed.


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