Lego Museum

Lego Collection

Lego Collection

Without knowing any better, I would guess I was in a Lego museum.  A shelf spanning two walls is covered, literally blanketed, with Lego creations of all shapes and sizes.  You name it and you can you can make it with Legos.

Lego Builder, 4

Lego Builder, 4

Lego Builder, 7

Lego Builder, 7

This is just the “active” collection; i.e. the ones that are currently being played with. Out of the picture are four large heavy-duty boxes filled with neatly packed Lego sets that have been disassembled to be rediscovered at a later date.

Santa’s bag is usually filled with Lego sets for this household, like the “Millenium Falcon” , which has 1,329 pieces.   Mind boggling.

Thought for the Day:  On a scale of 1 to stepping on a Lego, how much pain are you in?




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