Two Horses

Two Horses

The last few weeks have been crazy … busy, busy, busy.  Something was always going on: spring cleaning, mowing, putting in the garden, mowing, pruning, mowing, grandkid activities, mowing, graduation parties, and more mowing.  Hardly time to catch my breath.

At the end of a particularly busy day, I looked over the fence behind my house and saw two horses grazing peacefully in the late afternoon sun.  No appointments, no place to go, no people to see.  What a life!

I wondered what it was like to be a horse.

Thought for the DayThe grass  always looks greener on the other side of the fence.                                                                                                                               English Proverb

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THINGS I LOVE: Family, Friends, Photography and College Football. THINGS I LIKE: reading, sports,travel, straight shooters, sense of humor, hand-crafted beers, nature, golf, organization, my wife's cooking, the USA, movies of all types except sci-fi, blueberries, National Parks, music (especially light jazz)of all types except opera and rap, licorice, punctuality,woodworking, dogs and clean underwear.
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One Response to Two Horses

  1. Verna Headley says:

    Pretty good life anyway you think about it.


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