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THINGS I LOVE: Family, Friends, Photography and College Football. THINGS I LIKE: reading, sports,travel, straight shooters, sense of humor, hand-crafted beers, nature, golf, organization, my wife's cooking, the USA, movies of all types except sci-fi, blueberries, National Parks, music (especially light jazz)of all types except opera and rap, licorice, punctuality,woodworking, dogs and clean underwear.

Viet Nam revisited

There were 6-8 guys I’d call Army buddies; didn’t know any of them from Adam, but all of our lives crossed paths in Viet Nam.  While still in country, we scheduled a reunion more than two years hence — in … Continue reading

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Mystery Plant

The blue and reds are so vibrant on this plant, it caught my eye from across the conservatory.  The plant was screaming, “Come take my picture!”  (I never know if the closed quotation mark comes before or after the punctuation … Continue reading

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‘Tis the season for everyone to hang their Advent calendar with little pockets for each day, and treats or ornaments from each pocket to mark each day. Here is a high-tech version of the Advent calendar. Created by a couple … Continue reading

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A seven foot high brick wall surrounded the property.  No roof or evidence of any building rose above the wall, only a few trees.  A curved brick walkway led to a gate, the only break in the brick wall.  Entry … Continue reading

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Road Trip

I’m planning another photo safari next spring, but looking for a new kind of adventure.  In past years I would do one of two things: 1) Drive everywhere, staying in a different motel each night and occasionally camping (sleeping in … Continue reading

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