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THINGS I LOVE: Family, Friends, Photography and College Football. THINGS I LIKE: reading, sports,travel, straight shooters, sense of humor, hand-crafted beers, nature, golf, organization, my wife's cooking, the USA, movies of all types except sci-fi, blueberries, National Parks, music (especially light jazz)of all types except opera and rap, licorice, punctuality,woodworking, dogs and clean underwear.


About a week ago, my daughter gave me a Monarch caterpillar she found in my milkweed garden.  She has been raising Monarchs for 3-4 years so I thought I might give it a go. I started a journal and gave … Continue reading

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Tiny Bubbles

“Tiny bubbles, … in the wine,                                                                      … Continue reading

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Animals get tired, just like people.  This monkey must have had a very busy day; it is  obviously all tuckered out, pooped, spent, down for the count, drained, bushed, outta gas, weak, sapped, exhausted and just plain tired. His grand … Continue reading

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Log Jam

Taken along the Platte River in mid-summer, this is a visual definition of a logjam. Heavy rains or rapid snow melt upriver washes fallen trees and other debris down stream.  Acting like strainers, bridge abutments collect the trees, sometimes blocking … Continue reading

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The latest answer to world hunger is a new species I discovered in my garden.  It’s half plant and half animal … a duckinni. It can establish itself in several climate zones and soil types.  It matures quickly, remains close … Continue reading

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