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Stare Down

Grimy window glass and poor light makes this classic photo look like it was taken in the 50’s, especially with the outfit and hairdo of the little girl.  Gorillas and monkeys seem to be a big hit with all ages. … Continue reading

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Animals get tired, just like people.  This monkey must have had a very busy day; it is  obviously all tuckered out, pooped, spent, down for the count, drained, bushed, outta gas, weak, sapped, exhausted and just plain tired. His grand … Continue reading

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The latest answer to world hunger is a new species I discovered in my garden.  It’s half plant and half animal … a duckinni. It can establish itself in several climate zones and soil types.  It matures quickly, remains close … Continue reading

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Two Horses

The last few weeks have been crazy … busy, busy, busy.  Something was always going on: spring cleaning, mowing, putting in the garden, mowing, pruning, mowing, grandkid activities, mowing, graduation parties, and more mowing.  Hardly time to catch my breath. … Continue reading

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It was raining in Portland, Oregon.  Nothing new there, but I was inside the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (“OMSI”) staring at this giant ship propeller (above) on the patio outside.  Rain was streaking down the windows and lights … Continue reading

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