Open Wide

Open Wide

Pelicans are extremely flexible.  I caught this one rotating his beak clockwise from 9 to 5 o’clock.  I just happened to catch it at 12 o’clock.

Why?  I don’t know, but I saw several of them doing it.  It looked more like a stretching exercise than anything else, maybe keeping its gullet flexible for the next “bucket” of fish.

Oh, I have a dentist appointment next week.

Thought for the Day:                                             A wonderful bird is the pelican                              His beak can hold more than his belican              He can hold in his beak                                            Enough food for a week                                        But I’ll be darned if I know how the hell helican                Dixon Lanier Merritt


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Madison County

Madison County, Iowa

Made famous by 1992 novel by Robert James Waller, 1995 movie starring Clint Eastwood  & Meryl Streep, and 2013 Tony Award-winning musical, the “Bridges of Madison County” actually exist.  Madison County, Iowa is southwest of Des Moines.

The covered bridges that were subject of the famous title are still standing and a couple are still in use.  The bridges were built in the late 1800’s; many of them can be photogenic at certain times of the year/day.

This shot was taken in early August around 7 pm.  ho-hum

Thought for the Day:  Hollywood is in love with any kind of nostalgia that can prove itself to be commercial.                                                                                                Dan Akroyd

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So What?

Foot Bridge

This is a “So What?!” shot; a fallen tree with a boring railroad bridge in the background.  Well, whoopee-to-do.  Not so fast, my friends.

From a distance, this looks like any other railroad bridge crossing the Platte River, known to be a mile wide and a foot deep.  At one time it was the Missouri Pacific Railroad’s bridge near South Bend, NE.  Long since abandoned, the rails have been removed and replaced by a wide concrete foot bridge in 2002.

Today, it is part of an extensive system of bike/hike trails called the MoPac Trail.  If you just want to walk across the bridge, it can be reached from a car park area along State Highway 33 approximately 1 mile east of Schramm Park.  A pleasant 1/2 mile walk from the car park will take you to the foot bridge.

Thought for the Day:  People do not decide to become extraordinary, they decide to accomplish extraordinary things.                                                        Sir Edmund Hilary

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Old Mail Box

Old Mail Box

We found an old mailbox at the entrance to the Bone Creek Art Gallery in David City, Nebraska.  It was in such good condition that it might have been a replica.

The mailbox was solid cast iron; the lid on the mail slot alone must have weighed a pound or more.  The tube at the bottom for the newspaper was heavy too, at least a 1/4″ thick.  The lock looked like a replacement.  How old do you think this is?

The only thing I know in this photo is five years old.

Thought for the Day:  Nothing echoes like an empty mailbox.                   Charles Schulz



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Cooling Off

Cooling Off

It looks like a long hot summer: Memorial Day temps exceeded 100 degrees and June has been warmer than normal so far.

No better way to keep cool than dipping your toes in the lake under a big shade tree.  While you’re at it, look at yourself in the mirror and see what the future might bring.

Thought for the Day:  It’s tough to make predictions, especially about the future.                                                                                                                                             Yogi Berra

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Posing Pelican

Posing Pelican

On the same morning I saw my first reddish heron,  I found a pelican nesting site nearby. It was in the backwaters of Sarasota Bay, near a public boat dock surrounded by mangroves.  Early morning, active birds, including heron and egrets, and very noisy.

Birds were everywhere.  Locals told me the wild birds put up with the boat dock activity to get easy pickings when the fishermen return to clean their fish.

This pelican seemed most proud of himself, like he had a good hair day and might get lucky with the ladies.

Thought for the DayNever underestimate a man that overestimates himself.                                                                                                                                    Franklin Roosevelt

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Two Horses

Two Horses

The last few weeks have been crazy … busy, busy, busy.  Something was always going on: spring cleaning, mowing, putting in the garden, mowing, pruning, mowing, grandkid activities, mowing, graduation parties, and more mowing.  Hardly time to catch my breath.

At the end of a particularly busy day, I looked over the fence behind my house and saw two horses grazing peacefully in the late afternoon sun.  No appointments, no place to go, no people to see.  What a life!

I wondered what it was like to be a horse.

Thought for the DayThe grass  always looks greener on the other side of the fence.                                                                                                                               English Proverb

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