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Nebraska Tourism

My first field trip of 2019 was to the Henry Doorly Zoo, the most popular tourist attraction in Nebraska.  School was out so we took our granddaughter and braved the winter weather. The highlight of this trip was seeing the … Continue reading

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Repurposed Tires

The Maasai are a semi-nomadic tribe that move their livestock within ever-shrinking grazing rights of Northern Tanzania and Kenya. Descendants of a fierce warrior nation, today’s Maasai are peaceful and friendly except when it comes to their cattle. They are easily recognized by … Continue reading

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Directional Sign

I love signs.  I especially like signs that have double meanings in their text or in their surroundings. This sign, painted on the side of a building, was directing people to the front door of the reception office.  Nothing special … Continue reading

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Pole Pole

The majestic loneliness of Mount Kilamanjaro casts its spell on you the moment you first see it.  Standing over 19,700′ tall, it is the tallest single peak (not in a mountain range) on the planet.  It’s a bashful mountain, hiding … Continue reading

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  The umbilical cord still visible on the calf indicated this was probably the calf’s first feeding.  We saw several scenes like this inside the Ngorongoro Crater. A funny-looking animal, the wildebeest has a long face like a moose, mane like … Continue reading

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