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Horse Feeder

Traveling along the back roads in Cherry County, NE, I came upon this horse feeder.  No horses were in sight, but I needed this picture to explain what a horse feeder looked like. I had used a horse feeder in … Continue reading

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Cattle Brands

Branding cattle is still alive and well in western Nebraska.  Just outside the bank in Merriman, Nebraska, is a large sign that identifies all the brands used in the Nebraska Sand Hills in 1964.  Below each brand is the name … Continue reading

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Patriotic Peas

Just west of Ord, Nebraska on state highway 11, near Elyria, NE (pop. 51) is a prominent sign for a pick-your-own pea patch.  You can’t miss the sign, famous last words, but the American Flag wind sock and broken down … Continue reading

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Eli, Nebraska

In the northern part of Cherry County lies Eli, NE on US 20.  The town is still shown on the state highway map, but no population is given.  This town is so small it doesn’t even rate a standard green sign … Continue reading

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Uber Sand Trap

The Nebraska Sand Hills are basically a grass-stabilized desert, with gently rolling “dunes” that cover a quarter of the state.  As barren as the land appears on the top, below it sits the Ogallala Aquifer, which is the largest body … Continue reading

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