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Calling Home

If you wanted a ride home when I was a kid, there was a predetermined time and place to meet.  If I wasn’t at the appointed place when my Mom got there, I was in Big trouble. Today, kids just … Continue reading

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Bye, Bye Love

“Bye, bye love   Bye, bye happiness    Hello, loneliness    I think I’m a gonna d-ie”  was the opening and chorus of the Everly Brothers’ debut song in 1957.  It quickly rose to the top of the charts, and … Continue reading

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Butterfly Hunter

Everything is fun for the 18 month old … except for going to bed and getting your pants changed.  That’s about the only two things that get in the way of new adventures.  The simple pleasure of chasing a butterfly … Continue reading

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Remember that creepy house in your old neighborhood?  The one you avoided every day, not just Halloween.  Something about the place just scared the crap out of you. The one in my neighborhood had a crazy lady named Rosie living … Continue reading

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You ever have flashbacks?  You see or hear something that rewinds your brain to a memory so vivid it feels like yesterday?  I “flashbacked” to second grade when I saw this old-school playground in Adair, Iowa.  Adair lies in the … Continue reading

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