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Roche Harbor

On the northwest side of San Juan Island, off the coast of Washington State, is Roche Harbor.  The harbor is sheltered on three sides making it ideal for small pleasure craft.  Fishing, whale watching, artists and craftsman provide a resort-like … Continue reading

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Russian Reflection

There wasn’t much free time to explore St. Petersburg on foot.  But, one time the bus stopped 3-4 blocks from our destination; I felt liberated to see things on my own terms. I caught this beautiful reflection of an old … Continue reading

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Sea Stars

Thousands of Sea Stars had washed ashore on Sanibel Island.  I’d never seen or heard of these before — Star Fish yes, but never Sea Stars.  The one pictured above measures about 10-12″ across, a large one; most were 6-8″. … Continue reading

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Making Tracks

It was late afternoon of an early fall day.  I was walking through a local wildlife refuge called Heron Haven, located smack dab in the middle of Omaha suburbs.  I was minding my own business, just enjoying the quiet and … Continue reading

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Bull Elk

I found this beautiful bull elk tending his harem near Estes Park.  It was early morning, about an hour after sunrise.  The temperature was low 40’s, cold enough to see his breath when he bugled. His harem of approximately two … Continue reading

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