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Girls vs Boys

In the aftermath of the Thanksgiving feast, it is easy to see the difference between boys and girls. Thought for the Day:  I like children.   If they are properly cooked.     W.C. Fields Advertisements

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Super Heroes

I went to the Iowa State Fair today: terrific, a world class event.  I was surprised and thrilled to see that my daughter received a 2nd and 4th Place ribbon for her two entries in Handmade Children’s Clothes.  Super Heroes … Continue reading

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1957 Family Vacation

There is something fishy about this old photograph.  Yeah, it has a “Leave it to Beaver” quality about it, a quaint family photo from the 1950’s, but there is something not right about it.  I”m not saying the photo is … Continue reading

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Baseball Collage

Now I know what writer’s cramp is all about.  I’m sitting here, late Sunday night, surrounded by thousands of pictures I’ve taken, and can’t think of a thing to write about. My self-imposed blog deadline is Monday morning at 8:00 … Continue reading

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Farm Life

Farm life on the midwestern prairie was rough in the thirties.  This single picture conveys a lot about the hardships of Nebraska farm life. Take a look at that massive pile of chopped wood, but also notice the background.   … Continue reading

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The Lady in Red

The holidays presented an opportunity to see extended family, so I took full advantage of it.  This darling shot of my sister’s ten year old granddaughter made my day.  Her smile was so genuine, she just ate up the camera. … Continue reading

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Moms are special.  Not because they are fantastic cooks, not because they bake your favorite pie on your birthday, not because they know how to darn socks, not because they have ESP, and not because they were the ace pitcher … Continue reading

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