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Trick or Treat

Look who rang my door bell last night! I recognized Harry Potter, forehead scar and glasses, but had to ask about his sidekick.  Ronald Weasley, I was told, and his friendly rat, Scabbers.  Having never read any Harry Potter books, … Continue reading

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Halloween Costumes

Here’s an idea for Halloween.  This was taken last June at the Elkhorn Days parade, promoting a haunted house for Halloween.  The costume is fairly easy to make, but I’m not sure where to get the tongue extensions. Now I understand … Continue reading

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Halloween – 2017

Halloween is right around the corner. The family Halloween party was a little different this year; i.e. held in two locations.  What was typical and expected about the party was the Des Moines group won the best-costume prize … AGAIN … Continue reading

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Halloween, 2016

Being an election year, you can bet the most popular Halloween masks will be Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.  Uggh, gives me chills just thinking about the possibilities. Check out these costumes of 3-4 year olds.  Decent costumes: wholesome, All-American, … Continue reading

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Apple Bobbing

The family Halloween party always includes bobbing for apples.  Typically, the older kids are the ones participating, but this year all of the younger ones gave it a try too, even the youngest, Ava. Dressed as Dorothy from the Wizard … Continue reading

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