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Shoes on the Danube

Sixty pair of shoes, made of cast iron, sit on the bank of the Danube River just below the Hungarian Parliament in Budapest.   The shoes are old fashioned, all different styles, from all walks of life, worn by men, … Continue reading

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Pinwheel Power

Pinwheels were everywhere, I mean everywhere.  Pinwheels could be found in people’s yards, sidewalks, drive ways, on street corners, athletic fields, businesses, flower pots, tied to traffic signs, car antennas, as lapel pins, and churches. Aspen loved pinwheels.  Within a few … Continue reading

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The first real warm day of the summer, with the sun taking its sweet time to set.  The day was long, giving the cousins plenty of time to reconnect, and many fun-filled memories:   swimming in the lake, minnows, sand … Continue reading

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I was walking alone in the courtyard of the Temple Mount, lagging behind my tour group, making my way to the Al Aqsa Mosque, when these three Arab boys came up beside me. They were smiling and talking loudly to … Continue reading

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Calf ropers are one of the “skill positions” in a cattle branding.  They must be able to lasso the hind leg(s) of the calf and drag them out of the pen to be branded.  As if on queue, the calf lifts … Continue reading

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“Tschus” (pronounced “chuse”) is a German word/expression that means, “see ya”.  I’ve had it on my license plate since Rebecca came into our lives as an exchange student in 1994. It’s o-dark-thirty  (4:30 AM) now and I’m leaving the house … Continue reading

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Cattle Crossing?

In the Must-See-To-Believe department, I came across this cattle crossing sign in southern Utah, somewhere along UT-24 east of Capitol Reef National Park.  The road was on top of a narrow mesa, and the edge of the mesa kept getting … Continue reading

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