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Christmas Lights

The whole family and many friends jumped on Ollie the Trolley and toured Omaha’s neighborhoods to see Christmas decorations.  Many houses are decorated by professionals these days, but you still see some obvious DIY creations. My favorite is the one pictured … Continue reading

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Directional Sign

I love signs.  I especially like signs that have double meanings in their text or in their surroundings. This sign, painted on the side of a building, was directing people to the front door of the reception office.  Nothing special … Continue reading

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Random Thoughts

Even a four-year old has random thoughts.   Four year olds generally just ask lots of questions, but once in a while they surprise you with a statement that makes you wonder what goes on in that little head.   … Continue reading

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Do you like limericks?  I find them light-hearted, humorous and refreshing.  I’ve tried writing a few in my time, but found they’re not as easy to write as they are to read; its difficult to find three rhyming words that … Continue reading

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Dumb Questions

The person who said, “There is no such thing as a dumb question” is one of three things:  1) naive, 2) over-the-top politically correct, or 3) a bachelor.  “Are you asleep?” has to be one of the dumbest questions EV … Continue reading

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