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Sack Race

The old fashioned sack race.  No batteries required, no assembly required, no complex rules, and good for all ages.  Just kids and a gunny sack. What a blast! Thought for the Day:  Winning isn’t everything, but wanting to win is.  … Continue reading

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Summer’s End

Hey!  Where’d everybody go?  It’s only mid-September, and I haven’t seen a soul for weeks.  I’m hanging here, limp and lifeless, all by myself without anyone to keep me company, not even an occasional rattle from the cottonwood leaves. I … Continue reading

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Random Thoughts

Even a four-year old has random thoughts.   Four year olds generally just ask lots of questions, but once in a while they surprise you with a statement that makes you wonder what goes on in that little head.   … Continue reading

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What Is It?

Five kids on a dock, looking into the water.  What do they see?  A fish, a frog, a dead fish, a log, a dead frog, a pollywog, a wet dog, part of my blog,  ground hog, bottle of grog, ( … Continue reading

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