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Back to School

Nebraska schools open in mid-August now, even the colleges are starting before Labor Day anymore.  In Europe, however, September 1st is the “standard” opening day of school. September 1st is almost like a national holiday.  Kids dress up, families dress … Continue reading

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Labor Day

The bottom of this massive mural in the Detroit Institute of Art is a scene of  laborers toiling in various factory settings.  As you progress vertically up the mural, I see big machinery, then brightness, then abstractness. I interpret this as … Continue reading

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Labor Day

Labor Day marks the end of summer although most schools have already been open for weeks.  It’s the unofficial end of this year’s water sports: swimming, boating, surfing (in Nebraska?), tubing, skiing, etc. My six year-old grandson wanted “one more swing” on … Continue reading

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Labor Day!  My salute to all the hard working men and women of America.  Especially the true laborers: the blue collar factory workers, the worker bees, the lunch pail crowd, the field hands, the garbage collectors, the mechanics, commercial fishermen, … Continue reading

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Summer’s End

What does Labor Day mean to you? Labor Day, a US holiday, has several different meanings for me, one of which is childbirth. I say that only because my birthday falls on Labor Day every once in a while.  It … Continue reading

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