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Black Swallowtail

Brrr!  It was cold the day I found this Black Swallowtail butterfly on the lawn, temp in the 40’s and strong winds.  It was motionless; I thought it was frozen … or dead, but flapped its wings when I tried … Continue reading

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Sea Stars

Thousands of Sea Stars had washed ashore on Sanibel Island.  I’d never seen or heard of these before — Star Fish yes, but never Sea Stars.  The one pictured above measures about 10-12″ across, a large one; most were 6-8″. … Continue reading

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Uber Sand Trap

The Nebraska Sand Hills are basically a grass-stabilized desert, with gently rolling “dunes” that cover a quarter of the state.  As barren as the land appears on the top, below it sits the Ogallala Aquifer, which is the largest body … Continue reading

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Black-eyed Beauty

What can I say?   “I stepped on a rake?” …uh, “you shoulda seen the other guy?” … uh, or maybe, “I got kicked by a mule?”  Nah, nothing that dramatic — just a bit of skin cancer removed. The … Continue reading

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Look Closely

I’m not color blind by any means, but I wouldn’t say I’m a color expert either … just a guy with an average “color IQ”.   So, I was surprised to find a full palette of colors in this palm … Continue reading

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