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Cathedral Rock

The sun was up, at least enough to light the peak of Cathedral Rock.  Nothing stirring this early in the morning, no cars, no bikers or hikers, not even a breath of wind to rustle the trees.  So quiet and … Continue reading

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Wild Blue Wonder

One of the things I find most fascinating in nature is patterns. I don’t expect to find patterns in nature; i.e. not patterns in the sense of sameness or duplicity.  Sure, pine trees all have the “same” shape, the “same” … Continue reading

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Uggh!  Middle of winter.  Wish I could hibernate ’til spring, although I can’t complain about the recent waaay-above-normal temps. Thought for the Day:  Winter is Nature’s way of saying, “Up yours!”                    … Continue reading

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When I used to watch “Sesame Street”, I always thought Kermit the Frog’s eyes were exaggerated, waaay too big for his body, not to mention Kermit’s mouth.  I know it’s done for effect in a cartoonish sort of way. Now, … Continue reading

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Yawning Hippo

Happy hippos?  This might give you a different impression of the chubby cuties depicted in cartoons and children’s literature.  I took this shot at the Tanzanian hippo pool shown here in an earlier blog.  It’s a close-up of the hippo in … Continue reading

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