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Half Lots

The older parts of Omaha, Nebraska, use “1/2” in the house number of some houses.  Alleys are common in the old neighborhoods, making easy access to the back yard.  For various reasons, people would sell the back half of their … Continue reading

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  The umbilical cord still visible on the calf indicated this was probably the calf’s first feeding.  We saw several scenes like this inside the Ngorongoro Crater. A funny-looking animal, the wildebeest has a long face like a moose, mane like … Continue reading

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Sparklers on Steroids

Whoa, look at the sparks fly!  What is this?  A Fourth of July sparkler, grinding wheel, welder?  No, none of these … just a ball of steel wool tied to a string that I swung over my head after setting … Continue reading

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Sun Worship

The last month of oppressive heat and especially the last four days being over 100 degrees reminded my of this chap getting an early start on his sun tan back in February.  But, wait, there’s more to this story than … Continue reading

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Old School

I remember these … well, I don’t remember using one, and I’ve never seen a picture of me in one, but I remember seeing them around the neighborhood when I was a kid.  I suppose they came in other colors … Continue reading

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