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Simple Elegance

The Czech Presbyterian church sits alone on a hilltop in Saunders County, about 5 miles southwest of Wahoo, Nebraska. Rebuilt in 1928, I was impressed with the simple elegance of the interior. Thought for the Day:  “K-I-S-S”, keep it simple, … Continue reading

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There is an old Czech Presbyterian church in southwest Saunders County, originally built in 1888 and rebuilt in 1928.  Whatever, it’s an old church.  A friendly and inviting church too, near as I could tell; the doors were unlocked and … Continue reading

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Nana’s Hat

  I was at the Saunders County Fair last week to watch my oldest granddaughter compete in three horsemanship events.  Between events we would walk around and mingle with the crowd.  I was able to catch my youngest granddaughter (3) … Continue reading

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County Fair

One thing I like about county fairs is people watching.  All kinds of people, real people show up as themselves.  It’s waaay better than WalMart in the sense that fair-goers aren’t trying to make a statement, they are just there … Continue reading

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Barrel Racing

I was in Wahoo, Nebraska last week, attending the Saunders County Fair, where my granddaughter was competing in three horsemanship events.  I like these small-town events because photographers have good access to almost everything. While waiting for my granddaughter’s turn at … Continue reading

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Country Cemetery

I was in Saunders County, looking for the Czech Presbyterian Cemetery.  Four miles west of Wahoo, NE, on state hwy 92, then 3 1/2 miles south and a 1/2 mile east.  By now, the sun was low in the sky … Continue reading

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Long Day

It was a hot muggy July day at the Saunders County Fair Grounds in Wahoo, NE, with threatening thunderstorms that occasionally hid the blinding sun.  My 16 year-old granddaughter competed in four events in the 4-H horse show: halter, Western … Continue reading

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