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Old Friends

I have an old friend who now lives in South Dakota; we met the other day after a long span of texts, e-mails and an occasional phone call.  Like an old sweater with thread-bare elbows, our relationship was showing signs … Continue reading

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Digital Magic

My ten year old granddaughter was practicing her gymnastics on the dock of our lake in Nebraska on the July 4th weekend.  That was three years ago. The sunset is a scanned copy of a 1968 photo of a sunset … Continue reading

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Whiteclay, Nebraska

A sad story, Whiteclay.  The northern city limits of Whiteclay, NE is the state line between Nebraska and South Dakota.  The Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, on the SD side, abuts Whiteclay’s northern city limits.  Alcohol consumption and possession is prohibited … Continue reading

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Follow the Leader

This image reminded me of simpler times, when you played all day and into the night, with few worries.  But, this image is a “fabrication”, a composite of six different photos merged to create a visual image of distant memories. … Continue reading

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Future Paparazzi

I was at Mount Rushmore last summer when I noticed this young photographer snapping pictures.  I asked him what he was shooting.  (That’s photographer jargon for either what equipment are you using or what is your subject.)   “The Men!”, he exclaimed, pointing … Continue reading

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