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Petanque?  “What the heck is petanque?”, I asked the chap at the bar during a mid-afternoon break of touring Bath, England.   He and his mates were getting very worked up over opening night of Bath’s Petanque League.  Between fight … Continue reading

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Buffalo Chip Tossing

Ever thrown a buffalo chip?  First of all, what is a buffalo chip?  A buffalo chip is dried buffalo poop, also known as “chips” or cow pies.  Buffalo Chip Throwing contests are popular (well, something you have to try once … Continue reading

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Do Your Best!

The Little League season is winding down; I have mixed feelings about that.  The number of games these little guys plays is extraordinary, no wonder they (me too) get burned out.  The hellish-hot days of July are right around the … Continue reading

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Good and Bad

My mother always said, “Take the good with the bad.”  That thought came to mind while I watched the first baseball practice of my 4 year old grandson … there’s a lot of good and bad in Little League.  Stretching? … Continue reading

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Baseball Collage

Now I know what writer’s cramp is all about.  I’m sitting here, late Sunday night, surrounded by thousands of pictures I’ve taken, and can’t think of a thing to write about. My self-imposed blog deadline is Monday morning at 8:00 … Continue reading

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