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Winchester Cathedral

I was puttering around, an “oldies” station playing in the background, when “Winchester Cathedral” came on.  Composed by the New Vaudeville Band in the mid-60’s, it’s a snappy little number … nothing like the reserved and reverent structure of its … Continue reading

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Keep Right

A diamond-shape yellow sign with black letters saying, “Keep Right” is a common sight along roadways in the US.  Even pedestrians keep right on sidewalks, paths, and hiking trails. No signage was necessary for totally different two-footed species walking on … Continue reading

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Taxi? … Bus? … Car? … Rik Shaw? … Anyone?  There won’t be anything by here for quite a while.  This is Beatrix Potter’s house outside the very tiny village of Near Sawrey in England’s Lake District.  Its sister city, … Continue reading

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Photographic Painting

This is my first attempt at giving a painterly look to one of my photos.  An original photo of The Circus can be seen in an earlier blog titled, Bath Houses.  A several-step process is required to get this painterly … Continue reading

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Best of UK, part 3

There are many things I like about the UK, as noted in two previous blogs part 1 and part 2, but city streets are not one of them … for driving at least.  Yeah, they’re quaint, charming and “homey”, but … Continue reading

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