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Inside Out

I used to think this was a nice photo.  Yeah, it’s okay, but certainly not the best.   When I took the photo, I was interested in showing detail of the Vermont covered bridge. I wanted sort of a muted … Continue reading

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Covered Bridges

I love covered bridges.  I like the detail structural work and the craftsmanship required to construct it, all of those rough-hewn  timbers cut so precisely and fit perfectly into place by common men with average skills of the day.  By … Continue reading

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Fall Colors

I just returned from four days in Park City, UT:  lots of mountain landscape photos with golden aspens sprinkled here and there amongst the pine trees.  Very pretty. But, my pictures aren’t ready yet so you’ll have to settle for … Continue reading

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1928 Franklin

This photo was taken at the estate of Robert Todd Lincoln, son of President Abraham Lincoln, in the Vermont hills near Manchester, VT.  What appears to be chrome is actually polished nickel, chrome steel hadn’t been developed yet.  The car … Continue reading

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Vermont Harvest

Scratch another one off my Bucket List, the fall colors of New England.  I found that catching the turning leaves at their peak can be a crap shoot, and a day or two either way can make a big difference. … Continue reading

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