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Israel’s Wildlife

There really isn’t much wildlife to see in Israel, every square inch of fertile land is used for growing crops to self-sustain the country’s food supply.  National Parks are reserved for historic sites.  No land is set aside to let the … Continue reading

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2-Headed Swan

With the help of a telephoto lens, I could tell this was NOT a freak of nature, but with the naked eye, it sure looked like a two-headed swan.  This shot was taken at Squaw Creek Wildlife Refuge near Mound … Continue reading

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Mr. No-It-All

Wise old owl.  Those eyes stare right through you, like he knows more about you then you do yourself.  He knows what you’re thinking.  He’s forgotten more than you will ever know. I’ve seen those eyes; they belong to my … Continue reading

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The Ugly Duckling

 The story of the ugly duckling is about one who is different from the rest.   Hmmm, which one is the ugly duckling in this photo?   In the children’s story, all of the ducklings look alike except for one, who is … Continue reading

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I was driving through Custer State Park in the Black Hills, where the buffalo roam and the deer and the antelope play.  I had read about wild donkeys being in the park, but that wasn’t my main interest; I really … Continue reading

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