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America’s Pastime

Baseball has long been called “America’s pastime”; it’s been popular since the mid- 1800’s. In this day and age of instant gratification, it is hard to understand the sustained popularity of a sport with so much down time between mere … Continue reading

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Cooling Off

It looks like a long hot summer: Memorial Day temps exceeded 100 degrees and June has been warmer than normal so far. No better way to keep cool than dipping your toes in the lake under a big shade tree.  … Continue reading

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Another season of Little League baseball is wrapping up with state tournaments this week. The parents must be relieved after four months of multiple game/practice commitments each week.  The eight year-olds in this photo played 35 games during the regular … Continue reading

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Photojournalism is Dangerous!

A severe thunderstorm blew through Sarpy County, Nebraska last Friday night. Straight-line winds of 125 mph were recorded in Papillion.  Wide spread damage was evident throughout the county: downed power lines, uprooted trees, split tree trunks, trees’ crowns snapped off, … Continue reading

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40 Winks

The term “40 winks” is a commonly used expression to mean a short nap.  The girl in the photo is obviously just “catching 40 winks” before her next round of competition, but where did the expression come from and what does … Continue reading

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Summer Heat

Typical July day in Nebraska with temperature exceeding 100 degrees.  The humidity is suffocating, with dew points in the low 80’s, making the “feel like” temperature close to 120 degrees.  Lots of water is needed to keep the grass green … Continue reading

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Down and Dirty

Baseball was made for little boys.  Everything about the game is filthy, and little boys would rather roll in the dirt than take a bath.  The baselines are dirt, the dugouts are dirt, and the entire infield at little league … Continue reading

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